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The House of Fortune now at Waterstones as well as Amazon

My first novel is now available to order at Waterstones. It would probably be best to read The House of Fortune first before Single Man Dancing Alone although it would be quite interesting to read the second one first. The House of Fortune covers the period from the 1920s, during the pearling era, through the discovery of oil and early development in the unknown country. We see the young Ahmed Al Bahr grow up in the wind tower house in the centre of Doha until the 1970s, by which time his life has changed dramatically. In Single Man Dancing Alone, a young teacher arrives in Qatar in the late 70s and meets the Al Bahr family. Through his eyes , and his attachment to the family, we see the rapid progress that Qatar makes until the immense wealth from natural gas and the fortunes of hosting the World Cup. The two books cover a century in Qatar - from an unknown desert peninsula to the richest place on the planet.

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