I lived and worked in Qatar for twenty three years. My historical novel follows a fictional Qatari family as they face hardships of pearl-diving in the 1920s through colonial times, the discovery of oil and independence in the 1970s. I have almost finished the sequel - Single Man, Dancing Alone - which continues the story until the present day.


The House of Fortune

Released: 13th May 2019

Based on the remote far north east coast of Qatar, this historic fiction novel is the first of the series. Qatar is now the richest nation on earth but in the 1920s the tiny desert country struggled to survive. Over half a century we follow the Al Bahr family, whose traditional ways must change in a world of colonial power, political turmoil and a new quest for oil. Destiny lies in the hands of one man who must adapt to western ways or lose everything.


Single Man Dancing Alone

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Publication: November 2021

The sequel to The House of Fortune - the story continues. 

James O’Bryan arrives in Qatar in 1977 to take up his post as an English language teacher.

His intention is to stay for two years and then continue his travels. However, when he meets the Al Bahr family he becomes drawn into the Qatari way of life, developing a kinship with the eldest son, Fahd, who is an artist.

Over the years, as James makes friends with both expats and Qataris, he finds himself torn between two different cultures, enjoying fun in the sun as well the traditions and kindness of the Qatari family.